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The 2012 Matty Awards Nominations - Part 4

Time for the next part of the nomination process for the 2012 Matty Awards The next three categories are listed below. If you don't know, the Matty's are named after the site's founder, Matty I, and are used as a way for you to recognize members of the site who keep you coming back every day.

All you have to do is list the award, and the person (or people) you feel should be in consideration for that award. And, since there were no Matty awards last year, previous winners will be allowed to win the award this year.

Remember - this is not the vote. This is the nomination.


  • The Garo Yepremian Funny Like a Clown Award - given to the funniest blogger.
  • The Richie Incognito Award - given to the most passionate/borderline psychotic blogger.
  • The Channing Crowder Lost In Translation Award - given to the blogger who has best overcome the language barrier between their first language and the English language. (And, yes, I left this one named after Crowder - come on, he didn't know they spoke English in London)

The Garo Yepremian Funny Like a Clown Award
2008-2009: Rzayo24
2009-2010: Little Nicky 21

The Richie Incognito Award (Formerly the Bryan Cox Award)
2008-2009: Finsxfactor
2009-2010: Ohiofinfan4life

The Channing Crowder Lost In Translation Award
2008-2009: MauMontaV5
2009-2010: Aleta