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Saturday Night Random Live Thread: First Recorded Music Edition

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Well since last Saturdays music based live thread went over well I think I will make it the focus of Saturday nights thread. Also for those of you that might have any other clever ideas feel free to shoot me an email. I will of course have to ignore the offerings by Finhead or Alpha as we can not feature or even post any nudity here on the site. So wit that in mine on to the question of the night.

The question of the night is what is the first album, tape or CD that you owned? Mine was a greatest hits tape of Jim Croce. Man I loved that tape and wore it out and then got another and wore it out. Luckily CD's came along and my overplayed music lasts much longer now. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Jim and his music (which sadly given the age of many on this site is probably the majority here) I give you a little Wiki link so you can read up a little.

So tell me what was your first piece of recorded music that you owned and how did that later affect your musical taste?

I know the video is a little too mellow for some of you but its still a damn good song. RIP Jim!