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Miami Dolphins 2012 Free Agents Analysis

With the 2012 NFL Free Agency set to kick off in less than a month, in depth analysis of the free agents available, the free agents leaving, and the free agents being signed will be everywhere. One of those analysis was on yesterday. The Sports Illustrated guys took a look at each of the teams in the AFC East, breaking down each team, including the Miami Dolphins, into the free agents they will have, who they need to sign, and who they should let walk.

They conclude each team with an outlook of how the team should be in free agency. For the Dolphins, they point out that the team has some money to spend, and should be in good shape throughout the free agency period.

When it comes to players the Dolphins should not resign, states:

"Players Miami should let walk: Allen; Colombo; Henne; Soliai

"Let's start with Soliai, who's coming off a Pro Bowl season. His accomplishment actually happens to be the problem for the Dolphins, who simply cannot afford to pay Soliai what he'll command on the open market. If Philbin swaps to a 4-3, as mentioned above, it could minimize the impact of losing Soliai in the middle.

"As for the other three on this list, it's just time to move on from Miami. Allen is on the downside of his career, Henne never panned out and Colombo flat-out stunk in 2011."

To see the full break down of free agency for the Dolphins and the rest of the AFC East, head over to the article.