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Thursday Night:Favorite Team Memorabilia/Swag Edition

One thing I think we all have is some form of memorabilia or swag from our favorite teams. I of course have a lot of Miami Dolphins, Miami Hurricanes, Texas Rangers items as well as my Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars swag. Some of you might only have a few items like a hat or a t-shirt while others seem to have a warehouse full of items or the ultimate man cave decked out in fan colors, fan swag and of course a kegarator if you are really going to do it up right.

My question of the night is, of all the items you have what is your single favorite items and why? Also how did you acquire your item if there is a good story to go with it. Mine is a signed football from around 1980 that has the likes of Griese, Shula, Strock, Moore, Cefalo, von Schamann, Blackwood, Betters, exct......

My dad received it from Shula on one of his visits to the Dolphins practice facility. He was a reservist then and also worked for a company that advised teams on their turf and turf maintenance. Somewhere along the line he met Shula and at some point Shula gave him the ball. All I know is that its a game uses ball that the team signed it. Even then I was a bigger Dolphins fan then my dad so I wound up with the ball. I am sure that they had several at that time that they gave out to whoever but at 10 I thought I had the only one with all of those awesome signatures on it.

So whats your favorite item and story?