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Miami Dolphins Jersey - What's The One You Regret Buying?

Earlier today, I was in a discussion on Twitter on players changing jersey numbers. That discussion turned into the "old" jersey you have that you can't really wear any more. Which, made me think, what's the worst jersey purchase you have made?

Before I tell you mine, there's one rule for this discussion - it's free of ridicule for buying that jersey. You can't harass someone for having bought a player's jersey. We are all Dolphins fans, and jump at the idea of getting that next great player - and I'm sure we all end up buying at least one bad jersey.

Unfortunately, I have three I would nominate into the category. I have an orange Ted Ginn, Jr. jersey, an aqua Daunte Culpepper jersey, and an aqua Joey Porter jersey. Man, I really wish I could go back and not buy any of those.

So, what's your worst jersey buy?