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Friday Night Random Live Thread: Victory Of The Week Vol. 3

So with another work week in the books we have yet again come full circle and its time for the Victory Of The Week live thread. For those of you that may have missed the first two editions its a simple concept. As this is an open thread you can talk about anything (within reason) and we like to hear your personal victory, big or small, of the week. Call it a conversation starter or just a way to brag about something that you accomplished this week.

Last week mine was much bigger when I managed to save quite a bit of money on the car. This week was fairly uneventful but my victory's of the week were not only spending some time with my son but I managed to find gas at $3.12 a gallon. I know its a small thing but I am one of those people that will save money any way I can and then revel in it. So tell me what was your victory of the week?

As always remember this post is on the front page. Please avoid discussions of religion, politics and try your best to keep the off color language to a minimum.