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Bill Parcells - Screwing with Miami Dolphins Since 2007

Late in the 2007 season, then Miami Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga was looking for some way to right the reeling franchise. The Dolphins had just dealt with the "not interested in Alabama" defection of Nick Saban after the 2006 season, followed by the one-and-done attempt at being a head coach from Cam Cameron. Someone with stability, a "football genius" was needed to right the ship.

In came Bill Parcells. Parcells was hired to serve as the team's Vice President of Football Operations. He would have the final say on all things football. He would hire Jeff Ireland as the general manager and Tony Sparano as head coach. He would add "Parcells" players. He would trade Jason Taylor. This was his team.

And he failed. Officially leaving the team after the 2010 season, Parcells had improved the Dolphins from a 1-15 team to a consistently 7-9 team. Sure, there was the one 11-5 year, but there was no sustained winning. So, Parcells too ka boat load of money and bolted, fleeing back to ESPN for a nice, cushy TV analyst position.

But, now, reportedly, Parcells can't help himself from still messing with his former players. And, not even ones that currently wear Dolphins uniforms.

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Parcells and former Dolphins running back Ricky Williams traded text messages this week. At the end of the exchange, Williams went from excited to continue his playing career after a year backing up Ray Rice with the Baltimore Ravens to deciding to retire from the game.

Parcells initiated the text conversations, sending Williams a message asking, "How you doing? I'm just checking up on you."

Williams replied, "I had a great year. Body felt good. When I got to play, had a blast. Can't wait till next year."

Parcells continued, "That's good. Don't chase this thing too long. You can contribute in other ways."

"'Why am I playing?' That's the question. If I could do anything in the world, and it's doable, why wouldn't I do that?" Williams replied on Tuesday when asked about why is is retiring.

"I have to keep 85 percent of who I really am under wraps to fit into that (football) model,'' Ricky said. "It's not fun for me. Even when I show an extra five percent, it pushes the envelope.

"I don't want to limit myself."

Williams has always done things his own way. Unfortunately for Ravens fans, and many Dolphins fans who still love to watch the 1998 Heisman Trophy winner run the ball, this time, it looks like Williams is doing thing the Parcells way.