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Phinsider Wednesday Night Random Live Thread

It's Wednesday night, and, as some of you are starting to comment, there's not a lot of Miami Dolphins news coming out right now. We are hitting the Super Bowl surge, then things will quiet down for the NFL for a little while. At least until the Combine.

But, that's net necessarily true. There's still the Peyton Manning watch. And, the fun part of the Manning Watch is, whenever he is cut by the Indianapolis Colts (yes, I am considering it a "when" and not an "if" now), he's a free agent. At that moment. He can sign with a team at any time. Because he will have had his contract terminated - not a contract that ends with the league year in March. So, if Manning is cut next week, following the Super Bowl, it's game on in the Manning Sweepstakes.

Oh, and I have a poll up on the Facebook page. In the vein of all the random "team" debates from movies and TV are you on Team Crowder or Team Ireland? Make sure you head over to the Phinsider's Facebook page to vote.

Finally, please remember this is a front page live thread, not a CKC - please act accordingly.