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Sunday Morning Miami Dolphins/Phinsider Poll:What Is Ryan Edition

Sunday Morning Miami Dolphins/Phinsider Poll:What Is Ryan Edition


Going in to last week I somehow honestly thought we had a chance to steal a win from the Patriots. Honestly, sans a few early mistakes that put them some really good positions to score points I think we played fairly well but I guess those mistakes and lack there of is what often time's separates the good teams from the so-so teams. I do not think we are really bad like say the Chiefs or Jets but still not ready for the big time aka playoffs and such. So with that in mind my question was "What do you think the Dolphins chances are of actually making the playoffs this season?".

The top vote getter was "Hell no. No way THIS team makes the playoffs." with a very strong 47% (48 votes). I guess so much for homer-ism with this fan base. Second place went to "If we win this week I think we get in as a wild card." with 20% (21 votes) of the vote. Third goes to "I don't know..." with 16% (17 votes) of the vote. Fourth place falls to "I think we manage to pull out enough of the remaining games to make the playoffs as a WC." with 14% (15 votes) of the vote. Somehow we had no trolls vote last week but I suspect they just voted somewhere in that 47%.

This weeks question is- Given what you have seen out of Ryan Tannehill so far he is?