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Gillette Question of the Week: Best Miami Dolphins Nickname

As fans of the Miami Dolphins, we love to come up with nicknames of our players. From CP10 to DC$, and J-Peezy to Earthwake, if a player makes an impact for Miami, you can bet we are going to come up with a nickname for him. Gillette asks us, what is the best nickname?

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Over the 47 years of the Miami Dolphins franchise, there have always been impact players taking the field. And, as fans, we love to come up with a nickname for those players. We've named entire defenses (No Name, Killer Bs). We've named pairs of players (Marks Brothers, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, R&R Express). We've named individual players (CP10, DC$, RT17, Crash, Earthwake, J-Peezy, Mad-Dog, Mercury).

This week, on their Facebook page, Gillette asked the question, "Who has the best nickname in the NFL?" Thinking about it, I wanted to know, what's the best nickname the Dolphins have had?

Is it something recent, like DC$, or is it something older, like the No Name Defense?

Is it complicated, like Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid, or is it pretty simple, like CP10 or RT17?

For me, I like the simple names. If "Danny" or "Dan the Man" worked for Dan Marino, and "JT" worked for Jason Taylor, simple nicknames seem to work for Miami player. Zach Thomas did not even have a nickname. Instead, "Zach" still only means one player.

I like CP10. I like DC$. Larry Csonka was Zonk. Pretty simple.

What nicknames did I forget? What's your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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