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2013 NFL Draft Order Coming into Focus

With the 2012 NFL regular season coming to a close last night, the 2013 NFL Draft order has come into focus. Other than the 12 teams in the playoffs, where how far they make it will determine when they pick in April, the order for the Draft is now set.


The NFL 2012 regular season has come to a close, meaning 20 of the 32 teams now have their draft position set for the 2013 NFL Draft. The NFL Annual Selection Meeting, as the draft is formally named, is held in April, with the order set for the first 20 teams based on their win loss records from the previous season; the team with the worst record picks first, the second worst picks second, and so forth until the 20 teams are complete. The remaining 12 franchises, all of whom made the playoffs the previous season, have their order determined by where they finish in the post season tournament.

The playoff teams will be set with the Super Bowl winner picking 32nd, the Super Bowl runner up 31st, and then the Conference Championship Game losers pick 30th and 29th, with whichever team had the best win loss percentage from the season taking the higher pick. That continues back through the Wild Card weekend losers.

Teams with identical records will have their draft position determined by the strength of their schedule from the preceding year. If the teams are still tied, any divisional or conference tie breakers will be used. If the teams still remain tied, a coin toss is used to determine the order. Last season, the Miami Dolphins had to go to a coin toss with the Carolina Panthers to determine who would pick eighth and who would pick ninth in the first round.

Teams rotate picks among all the teams in each round that finished with the same record.

The 2013 NFL Draft order will be:

1. Kansas City Chiefs (2-14) .516 SOS
2. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14) .539
3. Oakland Raiders (4-12) .469
4. Philadelphia Eagles (4-12) .508
5. Detroit Lions (4-12) .566
6. Cleveland Browns (5-11) .508
7. Arizona Cardinals (5-11) .559
8. Buffalo Bills (6-10) .480
9. New York Jets (6-10) .512 (4-8 conference record)
10. Tennessee Titans (6-10) .512 (5-7 conference record)
11. San Diego Chargers (7-9) .457
12. Miami Dolphins (7-9) .500
13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-9) .502
14. Carolina Panthers (7-9) .516
15. New Orleans Saints (7-9) .522
16. St. Louis Rams (7-8-1) .537
17. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8) .465
18. Dallas Cowboys (8-7) .515
19. New York Giants (9-7) .522
20. Chicago Bears (10-6) .514

Picks 21-32 will be determined by the order of playoff elimination.

21. St. Louis Rams (via Washington Redskins) (9-6) .496
22. Minnesota Vikings (10-6) .518
23. Cincinnati Bengals (10-6) .437
24. Indianapolis Colts (11-5) .441
25. Seattle Seahawks (11-5) .506
26. Baltimore Ravens (10-6) .496
27. Green Bay Packers (11-5) .508
28. San Francisco 49ers (11-4-1) .504
29. Houston Texans (12-4) .496
30. New England Patriots (12-4) .496
31. Denver Broncos (13-3) .457
32. Atlanta Falcons (13-3) .421

What do you think of the Dolphins' 12th spot? Are they going to have to trade up to land the player they want? Or, will they be looking to move back, and maybe pick up an extra pick? What position do you think the Dolphins draft in the 12th position? Let us know in the comments below, and probably expect that question to come up a lot over the next few days, weeks, and months.