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CB Dimitri Patterson Injured Against Patriots

The Miami Dolphins are losing 14-0 in the second period to the New England Patriots. Now, they seem to have lost cornerback Dimitri Patterson.


The Miami Dolphins, already short handed at the cornerback position with starter Nolan Carroll inactive for their season finale against the New England Patriots, appear to have lost Dimitri Patterson. Patterson limped to the Dolphins' locker room early in the second quarter.

Patterson joined the Dolphins during the season from the Cleveland Browns this year.

The Dolphins trail the Patriots 14-0 following a New England one yard touchdown run from Stevan Ridley on fourth and goal.

Dolphins have already had Sean Smith shaken up when he ran into linebacker Kevin Burnett in the first quarter. The Dolphins have R.J. Stanford, Bryan McCann, and Jimmy Wilson active on the day.

The Dolphins are currently looking to find any way to jump start the offense as they look to answer the Patriots. The Dolphins have moved into New England territory for the first time on the day with just under 9 minutes remaining in the half.