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Sunday Morning Miami Dolphins/Phinsider Poll: Top Wish In The New Year Edition

Sunday Morning Miami Dolphins/Phinsider Poll: Top Wish In The New Year Edition

Joel Auerbach

Last week's poll was based on a question about Tim Tebow. I proposed the idea of taking a guy that was a dynamic athlete but apparently not meant to be a starting quarter back at the NFL level and convert him to another position that fit's both his physical stature and his athletic ability. We have seen in recent years teams draft guys with very little experience in football let alone at the position of TE who have in turn not only become NFL caliber players but also stars at this same level.

My take was that if guys that did not even come from the sport could successfully make the transition why not a guy that has played football his entire life and understands the game inside and out not make the same transition and be successful? Of course there is no guarantee as I am sure that there are many colleges that have seen the success that some programs around the country have had by transitioning a guy from basketball to football only to see the guy fail or just not really be what they had hoped. This could certainly happen to Tebow as well but anyone that has been paying attention has to think that if he continues on in this league trying to only play QB that his time is soon coming to a close.

Of course there have been other guys just like him that refuse to even attempt another position and are now selling lumber by the foot at your local Home Depot. Of course that will not be Tebow's future as he has a name to make money with but his outlook is much stronger if he tried and successfully transitions to a new position now, while he is still fairly young by football standards. I also saw this as a win/win for the Dolphins. He does not cost a ton of money, if it works then we have possibly a player that we have been looking for, if it works it REALLY pisses off the Jets fans and lastly his name alone puts buts in seats. But alas, as I knew it would go and as it should go, many of you agreed with me while others surely thought I was on something by just throwing out such a suggestion.

The leading vote receiver was the very emphatic "NO, NO, NO!" with 47% (92 votes) of the vote. Second place was "Yes, this is your best idea yet." with 37% (72 votes) of the vote. Third place after a huge drop off goes to "Yes but only as a QB. I still believe that he can play QB at this level" with 7% (14 votes) of the vote. Next with 5% (11 votes) of the vote was "Maybe but not as a TE.". Finally, our last selection "I am here to say it loud and proud "I AM A TROLL"." received a healthy 5 votes (2%). Nice to see the Trolls can still make it out during the holidays.

This weeks question and with it being the holiday season and less then a week after Christmas is "What, as a Dolphins fan, would you most wish for Christmas?" If you don't celebrate Christmas just tell us what you would most wish for as a gift, from a Dolphins fan prospective of course. Please specify in the comments section why you wish to see the change and how you would like to see it addressed specifically. For example if you choose a player to add/replace then who would you draft or sign a a free agent. If its a GM or a coach why and then who would you go hire to fill the spot? Just answer what you most wish for as many of us have multiple things that we would like to see changed.