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NFL Week 17 Early Games Live Thread

The NFL regular season concludes today, with all 32 teams playing their 16th and final game. With the Miami Dolphins facing the New England Patriots at 4:25pm Eastern today, feel free to use this thread to discuss whichever early games you are watching.


The NFL's 2012 regular season ends today, with 20 of the 32 teams playing their final game of the year. Next week, 12 teams will start the NFL's post season tournament, but today, we have a full slate of games. However, the Miami Dolphins don't kick off in their game against the New England Patriots until 4:25pm Eastern, so here's a live thread to discuss all the early game action.

The early games today are:

Buccaneers at Falcons

Jets at Bills

Ravens at Bengals

Bears at Lions

Texans at Colts

Panthers at Saints

Eagles at Giants

Browns at Steelers

Jaguars at Titans

Here are the playoff scenarios for the early games:

  • New York Giants - Clinch playoff berth with win, Dallas loss/tie, Chicago loss, and Minnesota loss
  • Chicago Bears - Clinch playoff berth with win and Minnesota loss/tie OR Chicago tie and Minnesota loss
  • Houston Texans - Clinch first round bye with win.tie, OR New England loss/tie OR Denver loss; Clinch Home-field Advantage with win OR tie and Denver loss/tie OR New England loss/tie and Denver loss

As usual, keep pictures to a minimum, and appropriate, in a live thread. I will remove pictures that are inappropriate and they can lead to warnings and/or bannings.

Do not request or post links to illegal internet streams of the game (instant temporary ban if you do).