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Phinsider NFL Week 17 Picks

Thursday came and went this week without a NFL picks post from us, mostly because I simply did not realize it was Thursday (short work weeks mess everything up). But, that doesn't mean the weekly beat down of my picks gets to stop this week. Here are our contributors picks for all the Week 17 games.


The NFL has less than 48 hours remaining in the 2012 regular season, with all 32 teams in action tomorrow. Before we get to the games, however, we need to take a look at how badly I am being beat by the rest of our contributors on the season, as well as make our picks for all 16 NFL games tomorrow.

For the first time all season, I dominated. That's right...well, not really. I came in second. KDog92 went and had a 12-4 week the one time I decide to actually have good picks and go 11-5. Joel Thorman and James McKinney both went 10-6 on the week, and Bserious72 brought up the tail at 9-7.

At the top of the season standings, things are tightening up, with Thoman having a one lead over McKinney, 152-87-1 to 151-88-1. Just another game back is KDog92 with a 150-89-1 record. BSerious is six games back at 146-93-1, while I finally broke the 100 incorrect picks barrier, sitting 17 games back at 135-104-1.

On to this week's picks.

Nogle_icon_medium Tcp_medium Kdog_medium_medium
Last Week 10-6 11-5 10-6 12-4 9-7
Overall 152-87-1 135-104-1 151-88-1 150-89-1 146-93-1
Buccaneers at Falcons Atl_logo_away_medium Atl_logo_away_medium Atl_logo_away_medium Atl_logo_away_medium Atl_logo_away_medium
Jets at Bills Buf_logo_away_2_medium Nyj_logo_medium Buf_logo_away_2_medium
Buf_logo_away_2_medium Buf_logo_away_2_medium
Ravens at Bengals Cin_logo_medium Bal_logo_medium Cin_logo_medium
Browns at Steelers Pit_logo_medium Cle_logo_away_medium Cle_logo_away_medium
Pit_logo_medium Pit_logo_medium
Bears at Lions Det_logo_away_medium Chi_logo_medium Chi_logo_medium Det_logo_away_medium Chi_logo_medium
Jaguars at Titans Ten_logo_away_medium Jax_logo_away_medium Ten_logo_away_medium
Eagles at Giants Phi_logo_away_medium
Nyg_logo_medium Nyg_logo_medium Nyg_logo_medium Nyg_logo_medium
Panthers at Saints No_logo_medium No_logo_medium No_logo_medium No_logo_medium Car_logo_away_2_medium
Texans at Colts Hou_logo_away_medium Hou_logo_away_medium Ind_logo_medium Hou_logo_away_medium Ind_logo_medium
Packers at Vikings Gb_logo_medium Gb_logo_medium Gb_logo_medium Gb_logo_medium Gb_logo_medium
Rams at Seahawks Sea_logo_away_medium Sea_logo_away_medium Sea_logo_away_medium Sea_logo_away_medium Sea_logo_away_medium
Dolphins at Patriots Ne_logo_away_2_medium
Mia_logo_away_medium Mia_logo_away_medium Mia_logo_away_medium
Chiefs at Broncos Den_logo_away_medium Den_logo_away_medium Den_logo_away_medium Den_logo_away_medium Den_logo_away_medium
Raiders at Chargers Sd_logo_away_medium Sd_logo_away_medium Sd_logo_away_medium Sd_logo_away_medium Sd_logo_away_medium
Cardinals at 49ers Sf_logo_medium Sf_logo_medium Sf_logo_medium Sf_logo_medium Sf_logo_medium
Cowboys at Redskins Was_logo_away_medium Dal_logo_medium Was_logo_away_medium Was_logo_away_medium Was_logo_away_medium

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