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Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots: What to Watch For

The Miami Dolphins take on the New England Patriots this Sunday. Here are some of the things that we think you should watch. But, of course, we also want to hear, what are you watching for?

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The end of the season...hard to believe. It seems like it just began. I got another semester in, Christmas is over, and before we know it, the draft will sneak up on us.

It's been a magical season. We found our quarterback of the future and I think we found the head coach that can take us deep into the post season. We're just missing some pieces. I see us stronger next season, but I think in year three is when we take the next step and start dominating.

I'm getting to far ahead of myself, I'm supposed to be talking about he Miami Dolphins upcoming game against the New England Patriots. I think know we can win this game.

Get Reggie Involved

I don't know why we waited until week 16 to get Reggie Bush involved in the pass game. The man is an All-Star player. He can run, he can catch, he can block, and he can juke a guy out of his jockstrap.

Give the ball to Reggie. He's our play maker. Set up some screens and let him split out wide again.

Set Up The Playaction

If Reggie gets going on the ground, Ryan Tannehill is going to have a great game. I love watching this young man roll out and complete passes. I love watching him roll out and run down the sidelines for a huge game.

If the Patriots are expecting the run, a receiver is going to be open somewhere. If they expect a pass, Reggie is going to run all over them.

Blitz...but be careful

Tom Brady is the best against the blitz. He's thrown 20 touchdowns with 5 guys rushing him.

Defensive lineman will have to get off their blocks quick and get in Brady's face. I look forward to seeing what Kevin Coyle scheme's up.

Free Agents and Rookies

This is the last game we may see the like of Reggie Bush, Brian Hartline, or Sean Smith.

Pending free agents will be playing to stay for Miami or give other team's a look at what they can do.

Rookies have one last chance to prove they can play in this league. Ryan Tannehill, Jonathan Martin, Olivier Vernon, and Lamar Miller are set in stone. Rishard Matthews, who I am a huge fan of, will have this game to tryout at a weak receiver position. I see him in our plans next year. Josh Kaddu has mainly been on special teams, the staff should keep him around for another look. Kheeston Randall has played well enough to play behind Paul Soliai and Randy Starks. He's going to be a backup unless one of our guys gets injured. The verdict is still out on Michael Egnew. He can't block and has struggled to pick up the speed of the game. Maybe an offseason of lifting and working with Tannehill can help him, but I highly doubt that. Don't be surprised if we draft another tight end, such as Tyler Eifert or Zach Ertz. I'd love to see one of them in a Dolphins uniform.

I doubt we'll bring in a lot of free agents. Joe Philbin has explained he'd like to build through the draft. But the wide receiver position isn't too strong in this upcoming draft. I wouldn't be surprised if we brought in someone like a Dwayne Bowe or Greg Jennings.

What are you watching for?

But most importantly, what are you guys watching for?

And, if you are looking for tickets, either to this week's game against New England, you can check out our Miami Dolphins Tickets page.