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Dolphins' New Logo Leaked?

The Miami Dolphins will have a new logo come 2013. However, it's been a tightly guarded secret throughout this season, with few people allowed to see the final product. Over the past week, it appears the logo may have finally leaked.

Could this be the future of the Miami Dolphins?
Could this be the future of the Miami Dolphins?
Paul Lukas, @UniWatch

The Miami Dolphins will have a new look come 2013. Dolphins CEO Mike Dee has hinted at the way the team will go with a logo change, describing it as "retro and modern." Dolphins legends Dan Marino and Bob Griese were shown the logo and reportedly loved it. However, fans have been clamoring to try to get a sneak peak of what the new look will be.

Over the past week, it appears that the Dolphins' 2013 logo may have finally leaked. Our friends over at DolFansNYC released a cell phone photo on December 23 of what they said could be the new logo. From sources they have at Nike, who will make the uniforms, the cell phone picture is "very, very close."

Today, via Twitter, Uni Watch have released a cleaner version of that same logo:

Now, Dolphins beat writers, with sources within the organization, are saying that it really could be the new logo - or at least one of the final drafts.

My personal views on it, if this is to become the Dolphins logo moving forward, is that I like it. It is exactly what the Dolphins were looking to get - a modern/retro look that still ties into the history of the team. I would change a couple of things, like the tail should be down as if the dolphin is breaching the water, rather than up as if it is swimming in front of the sun, and I'm not sure I like the navy line coming off the fin, but overall, it's well done. I really like the sun, with the semi-tie back to the old version of the sun with all of the rays coming off of it.

And, finally, if this is the Dolphins' new logo - the Phinsider's logo falls right in line with that, so I can't complain along those lines!

My guess is, the Dolphins will unveil the official version of the logo sometime after the Super Bowl. The team will want to start raising excitement - and selling merchandise - as soon as possible after the season, but I don't think they will do it during the playoffs. I could see the team wait until March, to tie it in with the new league year and the excitement of free agency and the build up to the draft, but either way, sometime in the coming weeks, we shoudl officially know what the future of the Dolphins will be.

What do you think? Do you like it? Are we jumping on the idea of the new logo too soon?