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Dolphins Extend Lead over Bills to 14-3 in Second Quarter

The Miami Dolphins have extended their lead over the Buffalo Bills, scoring a touchdown to bring it to 14-3. The score once again came from Reggie Bush, who scored on a one yard run.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins lead the Buffalo Bills 14-3 in the second quarter after a one yard Reggie Bush touchdown run. The Dolphins have been able to move the ball against the Bills all day, already topping the 200 yards of offense mark.

The drive included a 31-yard run from quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who is now the leading runner on the day for the Dolphins with 43 yards. Bush has 11 carries for 38 yards and the touchdown. Bush also has the other touchdown, coming on a 17-yard pass from Tannehill.

The Dolphins have held the Bills to a lone field goal, with just five first downs so far in the game.

The Dolphins touchdown came on a 5 play, 65 yard drive that lasted 2:17.