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Sunday Morning Miami Dolphins/Phinsider Poll:What If Tebow Switched Positions Edition

Sunday Morning Miami Dolphins/Phinsider Poll:What If Tebow Switched Positions Edition


In last week's poll I posed a question based on what I had seen around the site in the previous week. Based on what most of us expected from this team before the season tipped off I wanted to know what you, the Phinsider member honestly thought would be our record at the end of the season. I asked because following a loss to the 49ers, a team that I and I believe most of us would have marked down as a loss at the beginning of the season, I saw many a fan around here on the ledge and once again demanding heads roll. Not that I like most fans do not see some things that need to be changed and or corrected but sometimes just a bit of perspective helps too.

The leading answer was between 8/8 and 6/10 with 67% (90 votes) of the vote. This is where I was and of course that's exactly where we are going to end up when all is said and done. Second was between 5-11 and 3-13 with 16% (22 votes) of the vote. Third place went to somewhere between 11-5 and 9-7 with 13% (18 votes) of the vote. Fourth goes to "Somewhere in the basement with less then 3 wins" with 2% (3 votes) of the vote. Between 14-2 and 12-3 received a single vote. Neither the 16-0 choice or the troll option received any votes this week.

This weeks question is based on an idea that I have presented around these parts over the last couple of years with mixed reviews. Most of us will now agree that Tim Tebow, while a hell of an athlete and one hell of a college ball player, is just not meant to be a starting QB at the NFL level. That seems to, at least in my mind and the mind of others, leave him two option. Well two if he wishes to stick around in this league or at this level for much longer. A) He can either learn another position and hope to excel at that given that he is a top notch athlete or B) Go play for a few years in Canada and hope to develop enough to be given another shot at the NFL level.

I have read a couple of stories suggesting that he should take the trip north of the boarder to learn the position at this level a bit better although many still believe that even there he might be stuck as a back up at first. That in itself does not seem to bode well for his return to the NFL level. My idea that I still stick by is that given his athletic ability and his build he seems to be the perfect candidate to switch to tight end. If others have made the transition from basketball to football based on those same criteria and then with little experience moved on and then excelled at the NFL level why could the next not be Tim Tebow?

So this leads me to my question of the week. Taking that in consideration and the fact that he is going to either be traded for bread crumbs or cut in the off season would you like to see the Dolphins trade for/sign Tebow if he agrees to switch positions? Four other things to consider, one-we could get him for next to nothing so it's worth the shot, two-if we were able to convert him and he became a good or a stud tight end just think of how insane that would make Jets fans knowing that they gave him away for next to nothing or just cut him all together only to see him find success with their most hated rival, three-Ross needs to put buts in seats and Tebow playing for any team in Florida is going to do just that and four-he would not be a great "back-up" QB for us or anyone but he would be one hell of an "emergency" QB given what most people have slated for that spot not to mention that the ways they could use him on trick plays would be endless.