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Gillette No Debate Question of the Week: Coach to Lead Your Team to the Playoffs

As the NFL regular season approaches its conclusion and teams solidifying their postseason berths, Gillette once again has come up with a discussion worthy question. Which coach would you want to lead the Dolphins to the playoffs?

Jamie Squire

The playoffs are just two weeks away, and across the NFL, teams are clinching their berths into the postseason each week. Which, brings us to this week's Gillette No Debate question of the week.

Which coach would you be more comfortable with leading your team in to the playoffs, and why?

If you were hand picking any NFL coach to lead the Dolphins through the playoffs, who would it be? Would you go with someone like Bill Belichick, who has multiple Super Bowl rings? How about Mike Tomlin? Maybe the Green Bay Packers success swings you toward Mike McCarthy. Or, perhaps you look at the New York Giants' Tom Coughlin as the guy.

It's up to you. Which current NFL coach would you pick for the Dolphins if you could pick any?