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SNF Live Thread: Eagles @ Cowboys

SNF Live Thread: Eagles @ Cowboys

Tom Pennington

What to say about tonight's match up? The Cowboys come in at 5 and 6 and the Eagles with an even worse 3 and 8. Both teams are also suffering from a rash of injuries to key players. Both teams head coaches also seem to be coaching their final seasons with their respective teams. Andy Reid who has had quite a bit of success with the Eagle's but has never managed to get his team over the final hump is rumored to be headed to the Chargers who also are likely to be looking for a new head coach. Jason Garret on the other side of the field has yet to taste any real success after being named interim head coach half way through the 2010 season. Even the odds makers had this game set at a pick em which I guess means they could not decide which team sucks more. Hell I can't even decide which one I dislike more so who cares I suppose...