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Jake Long, Koa Misi, Jared Odrick, Cameron Wake All Missing Time against New England

The Miami Dolphins are seeing players miss time due to possible injuries early against the New England Patriots. Jake Long, Koa Misi, Jared Odrick, and Cameron Wake are all on the sidelines or in the training room, following Randy Starks who left the game earlier.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Miami Dolphins are struggling against the New England Patriots early in their Week 13 matchup, but more so due to mounting injuries than even the way the Patriots are playing. So far, Jake Long, Randy Starks, Koa Misi, Jared Odrick, and Cameron Wake have all missed playing time.

Long has been listed as questionable to return with a triceps injury after heading into the training room. Rookie Jonathan Martin has moved from right tackle to left, with Nate Garner replacing him on the right side. Long had been the only Dolphins player to play ever snap of the season coming into this game.