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Phinsider NFL Week 15 Picks

Thursday Night Football rolls around again tonight, meaning it's the start of another week of NFL football. This week, we start with the Cincinnati Bengals at Philadelphia Eagles. Here are the Phinsider contributors' picks for all of this week's games.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday is here, which means it's time once again for my weekly beat down that we call the Phinsider Contributors' Picks. This week, we start off with the Cincinnati Bengals at Philadelphia Eagles. Let's see how bad my picks were for last week.

James McKinnery, BSerious72, and SB Nation's Joel Thorman all finished last week with a 9-7 record. KDog92 came in two games behind them at 7-9, and then, as usual, I took up the rear position, coming in with a 6-10 record.

Thorman continues to pace the rest of us, recording a 132-75-1 record on the season. McKinney matched Thorman this week, staying in the second position at 129-78-1, while BSerious72 moved into third position at 128-79-1. KDog's 7-9 week dropped him from a tie with McKinney in second to fourth at 127-80-1. And, once again, I fall a little further behind, now at 116-91-1.

On to this week's picks. As always, you can check out the reasoning behind Thorman's picks by heading over to his article on SB Nation.

Nogle_icon_medium Tcp_medium Kdog_medium_medium
Last Week 9-7 6-10 9-7 7-9 9-7
Overall 132-75-1 116-91-1 129-78-1 127-80-1 128-79-1
Bengals at Eagles Cin_logo_medium Cin_logo_medium Cin_logo_medium Cin_logo_medium Phi_logo_away_medium
Packers at Bears Gb_logo_medium Chi_logo_medium Gb_logo_medium Gb_logo_medium Chi_logo_medium
Colts at Texans Hou_logo_away_medium Hou_logo_away_medium Hou_logo_away_medium Hou_logo_away_medium Hou_logo_away_medium
Broncos at Ravens Den_logo_away_medium Den_logo_away_medium Den_logo_away_medium Den_logo_away_medium Bal_logo_medium
Jaguars at Dolphins Mia_logo_away_medium Mia_logo_away_medium Mia_logo_away_medium Mia_logo_away_medium Mia_logo_away_medium
Redskins at Browns Was_logo_away_medium Cle_logo_away_medium Was_logo_away_medium Was_logo_away_medium Was_logo_away_medium
Vikings at Rams Min_logo_away_medium Stl_logo_away_medium Stl_logo_away_medium Stl_logo_away_medium Min_logo_away_medium
Buccaneers at Saints No_logo_medium No_logo_medium No_logo_medium No_logo_medium No_logo_medium
Giants at Falcons Nyg_logo_medium Nyg_logo_medium Atl_logo_away_medium Nyg_logo_medium Atl_logo_away_medium
Seahawks at Bills Sea_logo_away_medium Buf_logo_away_2_medium Sea_logo_away_medium Sea_logo_away_medium Buf_logo_away_2_medium
Panthers at Chargers Sd_logo_away_medium Sd_logo_away_medium Sd_logo_away_medium Car_logo_away_2_medium
Lions at Cardinals Det_logo_away_medium Det_logo_away_medium Det_logo_away_medium Det_logo_away_medium
Chiefs at Raiders Oak_logo_medium Oak_logo_medium Oak_logo_medium Oak_logo_medium
Steelers at Cowboys Pit_logo_medium Dal_logo_medium Dal_logo_medium Pit_logo_medium Pit_logo_medium
49ers at Patriots Ne_logo_away_2_medium Sf_logo_medium Ne_logo_away_2_medium Ne_logo_away_2_medium Ne_logo_away_2_medium
Jets at Titans Nyj_logo_medium Nyj_logo_medium Ten_logo_away_medium Ten_logo_away_medium

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