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Todd McShay Releases First 2013 Mock Draft

Following in the footsteps of our own kmb8488, Todd McShay has released his first mock draft for the 2013 season. And, the similarities with kmb8488's mock don't just end in the timing of their release - McShay agrees on the Dolphins' selection as well.

Steve Dykes

ESPN's Todd McShay has released his first mock draft heading into the 2013 NFL Draft. McShay introduced his mock draft by writing:

The college season is over and the NFL is entering its stretch run, so it's time for my initial first-round projection for the 2013 draft.

The order below is based on current records and playoff predictions, and assumes each playoff team would advance according to seeding (No. 1 conference seeds to the Super Bowl, etc.). Ties between teams with the same record are broken using strength of schedule, with teams having the lower SOS getting the higher pick.

Much can and will change as the playoff picture comes into sharper focus and more draft-eligible non-seniors make their intentions known, but this early look offers some perspective on where prospects might land given what we know at this point.

Defensive linemen have dominated my draft board all season long, and this projection is no different with 14 ends and tackles included. Offensive tackle is the next-best position with four prospects, while only one quarterback makes the early cut.

Among individual schools, Texas A&M and Georgia lead the way with three prospects, including a pair of Aggies in the top five. Alabama, West Virginia, Notre Dame and North Carolina all have two players in this mock draft.

McShay's mock comes out exactly a week after our own kmb8488 released his first mock of the year. Both McShay and kmb have the Miami Dolphins selecting Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan. About the Dolphins' selection, McShay writes:

Miami Dolphins
Record: 5-8

Dion Jordan, DE, Oregon

Miami has an inconsistent pass rush and needs another rusher opposite Cameron Wake, who will turn 31 in January. Jordan is long and athletic, has explosive initial power and shows the versatility to play multiple roles along the front seven.

What do you think of the pick? Are McShay and kmb on the right track? Or, will the Dolphins look wide receiver in the first round? Let us know in the comments below.