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Gillette No Debate Question of the Week: Which QB Leads the Pack?

The NFL is a passing league. It's quarterback-centric, and everyone knows it. But, who's the top quarterback in the NFL? Is it Peyton Manning coming back from his neck injury? Is it Tom Brady doing his normal thing in New England? Maybe it's Aaron Rodgers. Gillette asks us this week exactly that.

Thearon W. Henderson

The NFL is a quarterback league. From strange rules that seem to always go in the quarterback's favor (tuck rule?) to a season last year that saw more 5,000 yard passing performances than had ever been done in all of the league's history. But, who's the top quarterback in the league?

On their Facebook page, Gillette is asking that exact questions. Which quarterback is leading the pack this season, and why? I thought it would be an interesting discussion here on the site. Who is the top quarterback?

But, I don't want this to be completely devoid of any Miami Dolphins talk, so I want to pose a second question. What do you need to see from Ryan Tannehill to feel that he is on his way into that upper echelon of quarterbacks?

Let us know your thoughts on both questions in the comments below, and feel free to head over to Gillette's Facebook page to add your thoughts to their question about the top quarterback in the league.