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Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins: What to Watch For

Thee Miami Dolphins take on the Tennessee Titans this weekend. Here are some of the things that we think you should watch. But, of course, we also want to hear, what are you watching for?

Gregory Shamus

The Miami Dolphins (4-4) take on the Tennessee Titans (3-6) this weekend. The Dolphins will look to bounce back from a tough lose to the Indianapolis Colts. The Titans are a questionable team. We don't know who is going to start at quarterback and we don't know which Chris Johnson we'll see. Jake Locker has been cleared for contact and could push Matt Hasselbeck for the start.

What run game will we see?

I really thought Reggie Bush could lead the league in rushing at the beginning of the season. That is not happening now. He's losing snaps to Daniel Thomas. I wonder if the coaches are trying to tell him something? However, he had that beautiful TD run. Kudos to Reggie for that!

Daniel Thomas has been seeing more and more playing time. He's cutting into Reggie's snaps, especially at the goal line.

The run game starts up front. The offensive line was terrible against the Colts...terrible. Jake Long had a key block on Reggie's touchdown run, but that was it. Ryan Tannehill was pressured all game and took some hits. If the line doesn't play well, neither does the run game.

Can players bounce back from their terrible games?

As I stated, the offensive line was just terrible against the Colts. No run lanes and no pass protection. As I said, if the line doesn't play well, we can't get momentum going on the offense.

Sean Smith is inconsistent. Which is why I wasn't surprised when he was getting burned.

Heck with it...this whole team needs to bounce back from the Colts game. We face a Titans squad with a rusty quarterback coming back. Can we stop CJ2K? If we played like we did on Sunday, no. If we play like we did against the Jets, then yes we can stop Chris Johnson.

Who needs to step up?

Last week I predicted Charles Clay needed to step up. He finally did by catching a touchdown.

This week is Sean Smith.

As I stated, he is so inconsistent. Shuts down the better players, then gets burned by rookies. I don't know what the deal is. Smith struggles with guys who have speed. As was shown by Donnie Avery and T.Y. Hilton. Yet A.J. Green has speed and was shut down by Smith until late in the game.

If Smith wants a new contract he has to find his weak point and fix it. If not, we'll be drafting a corner back high in the 2013 Draft.

Are the Titans a curse for the Dolphins?

In 2009, after beating the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New England Patriots, the Dolphins looked like they had a bright future. In week 15, the Dolphins would take on the Titans. The Dolphins would lose in overtime and we would find out Chad Henne could not handle the pressure.

In 2010, the Dolphins would face the Titans again. The Dolphins would play the Chicago Bears on Thursday night that week. Chad Pennington got the start, but ended up getting injured. Chad Henne came back in looking for redemption. Henne ended up getting injured. In comes Tyler Thigpen who won the game for us. That Thursday, the Bears embarrassed the Dolphins and Thigpen.

What am I getting at. I hope Pat Devlin is ready to play because if anything happens like that last game, we are in trouble. I kid guys, I kid!