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Dolphins at Colts: MIami limps to half with 17-13 lead

The Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts are headed to the half with MIami holding a 17-13 lead. Both teams seem to be moving the ball at will, and the Dolphins are lucky to have any sort of lead at this point.

Gregory Shamus

The Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts are currently at the half, with the Dolphins holding on to a 17-13 lead. While both teams seem to be moving the ball at will right now, the Dolphins are lucky to have any lead at this point.

Colts rookie quarterback Andrew Luck has thrown for 273 yards on 19-for-28 passing in the half, with a touchdown and a 111.2 passer rating. The Colts should be tied with Miami at this point, with Luck having another passing touchdown, but T.Y. Hilton dropped a wide open pass in the endzone.

Miami's own rookie quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, is 10-for-14 for 158 yards and a touchdown. He has a 132.4 passer rating on the day.

Keeping the Dolphins in the game right now are Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas, who are both finding space on the ground. Bush has six carries for 26 yards (4.3 yards per carry average), with a touchdown. Thomas has four carries for 29 yards on 4 carries, giving him a 7.3 yards per carry average.

Bush's touchdown came on a ridiculous run where Bush seemed to disobey the laws of physics. His jump cut back to the right, followed by his cut back to the left, was simply amazing as the Dolphins retook the lead at 17-10 at that point.


The Colts then just drove back down the field and kicked a field goal to cut the lead to its 17-13 scoreline at the half.

The Miami defense has to step up, and do it soon today. They are shutting down the running attack of the Colts, but are simply allowing Luck to pass all over them. Sean Smith has been beaten several times already today.

The Dolphins get the ball to start the second half.