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Dolphins at Colts: Indy leading 10-7 going into second quarter

The Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts are headed to the second quarter with Indy leading 10-7. The game appears set to be an old fashioned shootout.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

The Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts appear set to turn back the clock and turn this game into an old fashioned shoot out. Both teams seem to be able to move the ball at will through the air, and nothing seems to be slowing them down at this point.

Miami's rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill is 5-for-7 for 81 yards, with a 109.8 passer rating through one period.

The Colts' rookie quarterback Andrew Luck is 8-for-11 for 108 yards and a touchdown, giving him a 133.9 passer rating in the first quarter.

Neither team has really been able to open up a running game so far. The Dolphins have 9 yards while the Colts have 05 yards rushing.

The Colts lead 10-7 after one period.