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Dolphins at Colts: A Look Back at #SuckforLuck

A year ago, the Miami Dolphins sat at 0-7 and suddenly, fans began wanting to see the team lose. They were angry when the team managed to win games. They had one idea in mind - the Dolphins had to lose to get the first overall pick and land Andrew Luck. It was the only way to make the Dolphins relevant. Now, the Dolphins sit at 4-3, a half game out of the AFC East lead, and have a rookie quarterback playing well - in Ryan Tannehill. And, of course, they will face Andrew Luck this week.

Ezra Shaw

A year ago, the Miami Dolphins were struggling to win games, and were looking for answers. Some fans found their own answer. Rather than see the Dolphins win games, these fans wanted to see losses. Losses would mean a worse record at the end of the year. A worse record at the end of the year would mean a better draft position. And, a better draft position would give the Dolphins a chance to draft Andrew Luck. Suddenly, the #SuckforLuck campaign was born.

Fans all over Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and even at the games were advocating for the Dolphins to give up on the season, hoping to see the team land the quarterback that would lead them out of the darkness. Fans that weren't behind the campaign were suddenly attacked, being told that their rooting for wins was the wrong thing to do - we all needed to root for those "Ls" that would get us Luck.

Instead, the Dolphins found some answers themselves and put together six wins over the last nine contests, and ruined the dreams of the Suck for Luck-ers.

"I wasn't too fond of that idea when someone brought it to my attention," Luck told the media earlier this week. "I didn't think it was that neat. I've never believed that fans should encourage their teams to lose."

Instead, the Dolphins landed the eighth overall pick and selected Ryan Tannehill, who was widely thought to need at least a year to develop before he could play. The Dolphins were again attacked for wasting a top ten pick on a player who could not possibly contribute this season, and the team was once again seen as on the wrong path.

Now, Tannehill will (likely) take the field against Luck, as the Dolphins face the Colts in the NFL's first ever match up of top ten draft pick quarterbacks while both teams having winning records in their rookie year.

But, of course, we as Dolphins fans aren't happy yet. Tannehill's still questioned - and on some levels, rightfully so. He's a rookie, and has to prove himself over more than seven games. However, there are fans who refuse to consider the possibility that Tannehill was the right choice for the Dolphins.

And, of course, we still have the #FireIreland campaign.