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Sunday Morning Miami Dolphins/Phinsider Poll:Joe Philbin Edition

Sunday Morning Miami Dolphins/Phinsider Poll:Joe Philbin Edition


We are nearly to the halfway mark in the season for our Miami Dolphins and thus far there has been a huge improvement in the teams overall play and of course record. We all woke up last Monday to find ourselves as the current 5th seed in the AFC. At this point last season we were of course 0-7 and many of us believed that we were also in the drivers seat for the first pick in the NFL draft aka the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. Somehow we have done this with a new staff, all new offensive and defensive schemes and of course a rookie QB that many of the Dolphins faithful were not even happy that we drafted. Oh, and lets not forget that we also sent a starting CB and our leading WR from last season packing via trades.

So given what to most of us fans and even outside observers is an amazing turn around for a team that looked lost and without any solid direction last season what do you, the faithful Dolphins fan, attribute this turn around to? Hell I can remember the talk in the off-season being about the obvious need for an NFL caliber starting QB but also all of a sudden many of us, including myself began to question if this team did indeed need many more new part's then we had previously believed. So what changed? We have many of the players from the previous staff plus some rookie's from our draft and of course minus some key components to last years roster. Had we say added a Payton Manning like many of us had prayed for the answer for most would be "Well obviously its the stud QB that we added.". Given that sadly did not happen it all points to coaching. Be it scheme or attitude or that thing about Joe that everyone says...he has an eye for detail. Every single little thing no matter how tiny is looked at and considered important to Coach Philbin.

So this weeks question/poll is-"Do you think in Joe Phibin, the Miami Dolphins have finally found their long term answer at head coach?"