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College Football Live Thread

Saturday means College Football. College Football means Phinsider Live Thread. So, come share with us what games you are watching today and what players you want to end up in Miami next April. Only rule for college football this week is - you have to root for LSU!

Streeter Lecka

Welcome to the Phinsider's weekly college football live thread. Here you can talk about the games you are watching, the games you wish you were watching, and the player you want to see find their way to the Miami Dolphins in the future.

While our usual rules are still in effect:

As usual, keep pictures to a minimum, and appropriate, in a live thread. I will remove pictures that are inappropriate and they can lead to warnings and/or bannings.

Do not request or post links to illegal internet streams of the game (instant temporary ban if you do).

There is another rule for this week. All participants must root LSU this week. No exceptions. And don't even try to explain why you should be allowed to root for Alabama. It's not going to sway anyone...

Enjoy the games!