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Dolphins Sprinklers Highlight of Miami's Win

The Miami Dolphins beat the Seattle Seahawks yesterday in what should be seen as rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill's signature win. However, the Sun Life Stadium irrigation system has been more in the spot light following its third quarter entrance in the game.

Marc Serota

The Miami Dolphins sent the Seattle Seahawks back to the Pacific Northwest with another road loss yesterday. While the talk should focus on rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who led three fourth quarter scoring drives to come back from behind, twice, and win the the game, the focus has been more on the Sun Life Stadium sprinkler system.

In the middle of the third quarter, with the Dolphins driving into Seattle territory, the irrigation system suddenly activated, with sprinklers turning on all over the field. Referees went running, players stood in the middle of the water trying to figure out what was happening, and stadium crews went scrambling to figure out why.

"You know what? In all my years of football, that's a first one," Dolphins running back Reggie Bush said after the game. "It kind of reminded me of the old 18th hole trick where you send a rookie out there at 9 p.m. and the sprinklers come on."


The sprinkler system had a computer malfunction, according to the Sun Life Stadium staff, for some reason thinking it was Saturday and executing its scheduled programming.

Of course, the video and pictures of the sprinklers instantly spread around Twitter and the internet, eventually being edited into a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial. Today, its still the talk of highlight shows.

And, to be honest, it is pretty funny. Of course, the players probably enjoyed the water in the still hot South Florida autumn. Well, unless it was the South Florida "reclaimed" water, but that's another issue. The fans sure enjoyed it, as the sprinklers received the loudest cheers up to that point in the game.

Luckily, the cheers would be louder later in the game as the Dolphins came back for the win. But, in that moment, the cheers in the stadium, and all over Twitter, were pretty funny. And, why not. It's only fitting that in Miami, where anything can happen this year as a rookie head coach and rookie quarterback look to develop and win at the same time, that something completely unusual happens in the middle of the game.

Hopefully as the week continues, the sprinkler talk turns off, and the special performance from Tannehill gets more notice.