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Ohiofinfan4life Ticket Giveaway W/Update

Ohiofinfan4life Ticket Giveaway W/Update

One of our more well known members, Ohiofinfan4life aka Griffin Van Nest has very generously offered up a pair of tickets for this Sunday's game against the Seahawks. These are tickets that were given to him by the Dolphins in appreciation of his participation in the DCC. Anyone that is interested in the tickets please place a simple comment in the body of this post. Also please do not clutter up this post with other random comments or comments on comments, ect...

Anyone that enters more then once or uses a secondary account to also enter will have their name automatically removed from the mix. Also please be sure that you have an updated email attached to your account so that I may email you following to let you know if you have won the tickets. If there is no email listed publicly in your profile I will use the one that you signed up with originally to contact you. If that email is no longer in use please consider adding one to your public account if only for a couple of days so that I may contact you.

The cut off time will be 6PM EST this coming Friday 11/23/2012 to add your name to the list below. I will then place each name in a bowl and randomly select one name. I will then email you and you then need to email me back ASAP(with in 12 to 18 hrs following the drawing) with your contact information aka your phone number. I will then relay that to Ohio so that you two can get in contact with one another in order for you to get the tickets. Please do not enter if you are not in S. Florida or unless you are positive that you can attend the game on Sunday.

Any other questions feel free to email me directly.

UPDATE- The tickets have been awarded in a random drawing to Corey Flowers aka crf163. Congrats Corey! Corey if you have not already please reply to the email that I sent you so that I may connect you with Griffin ASAP. Secondary update, we did not hear back from Corey in time to arrange the hand off so the tickets go to the next name drawn. Brian aka BSerious please contact me ASAP! Emailed you with my phone number!