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Dolphins Sign Two Offensive Linemen in Two Days

The Miami Dolphins are looking for answers anywhere they can find them, including on the free agent market. With the offensive line struggling lately, the franchise added two players, a guard and a tackle, to the team this week, signing tackle Jeff Adams to the practice squad and guard Ryan Durand to the active roster.

Otto Greule Jr

The Miami Dolphins have never stopped their search for acorns, continually churning the bottom of their roster, and the practice squad, looking for pieces that will lead to chemistry and, ultimately, success. With the team struggling on offensive line play lately, it should not come as a surprise that the Dolphins have signed two linemen, one to the practice squad and one to the active roster, over the past two days.

Yesterday, the team added tackle Jeff Adams to the practice squad. The addition of Adams means the team now has three offensive linemen (tackle Andrew McDonald and guard Chandler Burden) of the eight practice squad positions. Adams is a rookie out of Columbia, who is seen as a tall (6', 7") zone blocker, but needs time to develop and add strength.

Miami released tight end Dominique Jones from the practice squad to make room for Adams.

Today, the Dolphins continued their search for offensive line depth, adding guard Ryan Durand. Durand was seventh round pick of the Tennessee Titans in 2009, and has spent the last four seasons bouncing on and off the Titans' roster and practice squad (read, getting the Ray Feinga treatment). Durand, a 6'5", 305 pounds lineman, played college football for Syracuse, and has yet to make an appearance in the NFL.

Durand joins Jake Long, Richie Incognito, Mike Pouncey, John Jerry, Jonathan Martin, Josh Samuda, Nate Garner, and Will Yeatman as the ninth offensive lineman on the Dolphins' roster. The team had an open roster slot, and did not have to release anyone to sign Durand.