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Phinsider November 2012 Miami Dolphins Approval Ratings

The Phinsider Community concluded their November 2012 Approval Rankings yesterday. Today, we take a look at the results from the community polls for owner Stephen Ross, general manager Jeff Ireland, and head coach Joe Philbin.

Mike Ehrmann

Over the past few days, the Phinsider Community conducted a series of polls to find the approval ratings for each of the top three personnel within the Miami Dolphins organization. Last month, all three personnel saw a large jump in their approval, as the Dolphins started the season 3&3 after a winless preseason.

However, the Dolphins are now 4&6, and struggling. The results for the month reflect exactly that.

Here's a look at the November results, compared to the October ratings:

Person October Approval October Approval Change
Stephen Ross 79% 58% -21%
Jeff Ireland 76% 37% -39%
Joe Philbin 98% 72% -22%

Obviously, everyone's favorite whipping boy, Jeff Ireland, was going to see the largest drop, and that's exactly what happened. It's interesting that everyone was high on the talent he had brought in a month ago, then when the exact same players aren't performing as well, the blame immediately goes back to Ireland, and not to head coach Joe Philbin in an equal amount.

Of course, none of this is scientific, and is only a look at our members - or anyone who reads the site at least - but it's still an interesting dynamic to the results.

The Dolphins, already on a three game losing streak, have games against the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, and New England Patriots over the next three weeks, so things could become really ugly in Miami.

We'll see how the next month of games affect the results.