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Phinsider Miami Dolphins Mid-Season Awards

The NFL has reached the midway point, even if the Dolphins still have one game to go to reach that point. Yesterday, the Phinsider NFL Mid-season Awards were published. Today, we look at the Miami Dolphins' awards.

Norm Hall

Yesterday, we took a look at the Phinsider contributors' NFL awards for the first half of the season. While I intended to follow that up with the Miami Dolphins, obviously, that did not happen. But, that's okay, because it means they get to come out this morning. Here are our mid-season awards for the Dolphins:

Dolphins MVP:

Kevin Nogle James McKinney KDog92 BSerious72
Mike Pouncey Joe Philbin Ryan Tannehill Ryan Tannehill

"I like going a little different on the MVP awards, for some reason. I picked a defensive player for the NFL award, and now I pick an offensive lineman for the team award - but I think Pouncey deserves it. He's been dominating on the offensive line, and can clear the line and get into the second level on running plays like no one else. He's taken ownership of the offensive line, and is clearly the leader out there." - Kevin Nogle

"MVP goes to Joe Philbin, for accepting this job and rescuing us from the most boring of offensive strategies while also giving this team direction." - James McKinney

"No Tannehill's stats won't blow you out of the water, and he is far from Miami's 'best' player at the moment... but all things considered, Tannehill has commanded a team that seemed 'hopeless' to a legitimate contender. He vastly improves every week and has developed a repertoire with a 'subpar' group of wide receivers. No doubt, Miami looks to have found their QB of the future, but he is also very well a huge part of our present." - BSerious72

Miami Offensive Player of the Year:

Kevin Nogle James McKinney KDog92 BSerious72
Brian Hartline Reggie Bush Mike Pouncey Mike Pouncey

"Well, I feel a little better about my strange MVP pick with two of our contributors putting Pouncey as the Offensive Player of the Year. I'll take Hartline here, maybe more because of the limited production we have seen lately than for the explosion we saw earlier this season. Teams are adjusting the coverages onto Hartline, and he's making an impact even if he's not getting the ball." - Kevin Nogle

"Even with an injury that has slowed him over the last few games, Reggie Bush is still on pace for 1,127 yards rushing." - James McKinney

"Reggie Bush and Brian Hartline will be the sexy pick for this category, but neither has dominated and stayed healthy EVERY single week. I have got to give it to Mike Pouncey who won't get credit often, but is looking like an absolute steal and should be the league's best young center for the next decade if he continues his production." - BSerious72

Miami Defensive Player of the Year:

Kevin Nogle James McKinney KDog92 BSerious72
Cameron Wake Cameron Wake Reshad Jones Cameron Wake

"Wake's the top pass rusher in the league, disrupting plays even if he's not getting the sack." - Kevin Nogle

"Wake has become one of the most feared pass rushers in the NFL." - James McKinney

"Overall our defense has vastly improved in all stages of the game but I've got to go with the most dominating player on our defense. Wake has been rated the top 4-3 defensive end by Pro Football Focus and his pressure has dictated the pace of most of our games, and has helped our secondary immensely." - BSerious72

Miami Offensive Rookie of the Year:

Kevin Nogle James McKinney KDog92 BSerious72
Ryan Tannehill Ryan Tannehill Ryan Tannehill Ryan Tannehill

"The only other player who really could make a case for this spot is Jonathan Martin, but Tannehill beats him out." - Kevin Nogle

"Tannehill's better than advertised and better than most of us fans had hoped for. " - James McKinney

"No brainer. While Lamar Miller looks promising for the future, Ryan Tannehill came in as a "reach" who won the starting QB job by default two weeks before Week 1. Since then, Tannehill has placed the Dolphins in the hunt for the playoffs and is even getting mentioned in the rookie of the year race. Not bad for a "raw" rookie QB who started college as a WR." - BSerious72

Miami Defensive Rookie of the Year:

Kevin Nogle James McKinney KDog92 BSerious72
Olivier Vernon Olivier Vernon Olivier Vernon Olivier Vernon

"I love Vernon." - Kevin Nogle

"Vernon's showing flashes on both defense and with special teams." - James McKinney

"Vernon has absolutely exploded the last few weeks and has made game changing plays that have dictated the flow of games. He has been recently named Week 9 special teams player of the week." - BSerious72

Miami Surprise of the Year:

Kevin Nogle James McKinney KDog92 BSerious72
Ryan Tannehill 4-3 Record Jimmy Wilson Kevin Colye and Miami Secondary

"I liked the pick of Tannehill back in April. I was behind the team benching him behind David Garrard, but when it came down to Matt Moore and Tannehill, and Moore couldn't put the rookie away, I was all for Tannehill starting. But, I fully expected it to be an ugly year, with several rookie mistakes as he adjusted to the league. Tannehill has looked poised and confident throughout the season - and it's refreshing." - Kevin Nogle

"Their record at the half way mark, even though that is technically a game away." - James McKinney

" I am still quite dumbfounded at times on how fantastic our secondary has looked lately all things considered. Before the year, Miami traded their number 1 CB. Then early in the year, our number 2 corner, Richard Marshall got injured, and has still yet to play the last few weeks. Despite all this, EVERYONE in our secondary has stepped up in a HUGE way and my hats go off to them. Our young safeties have looked great lately, with Reshad Jones being one of PFF's top ranked safeties all year. Chris Clemons rebounded in a huge way after I blasted him for taking an awful route versus Mike Woodson's long screen pass for a TD against Oakland. He has been one of the best players on our defense since then, flying all over the field, so I will give credit where credit is due. Sean Smith has been tasked to match up with the NFL's best receivers and held his own versus all of them. Even Nolan Carroll makes the cut, who would be my vote for Miami's 'Most Improved Player'. Jimmy Wilson has been great as well when asked, and has made some huge special teams play, including blowing past Tebow and blocking a Jets punt for a score. That play alone might make him my favorite Dolphin." - BSerious72

Miami Disappointment of the Year

Kevin Nogle James McKinney KDog92 BSerious72
Chad Johnson Charles Clay Charles Clay Dan Carpenter

"I was torn between deciding to put Clay or Johnson in this position. Since James and KDog92 put Clay, I'll go with Johnson. I was looking forward to him proving himself down in Miami, and showing up the Patriots this year. The team did the right thing in releasing him, but I really wanted to see him make the team." - Kevin Nogle

"After seeing some flashes from him, myself like many others expected more of Clay by this point. " - James McKinney

"Although, our team for the most has been playing great, I had to go with someone. Carpenter has been playing well as of lately but missed two crucial FG's which heavily contributed to back to back OT losses. Although we can't put all the blame on DC% for those, Dolphins fans, including myself, will often be heard, 'Well we would be 6-1 if not for Carpenter!' Let's hope those two tough losses ends up making Miami a better team in the long run, and I expect DC$ to bounce back and be a major asset to our offense for the second half of the year. " - BSerious72