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Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts: What to Watch For

Thee Miami Dolphins take on the Indianapolis Colts this weekend. Here are some of the things that we think you should watch. But, of course, we also want to hear, what are you watching for?

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Miami Dolphins (4-3) take on the Indianapolis Colts (4-3) this Sunday at Indy. Two rookie quarterbacks will take center stage in this match up. Andrew Luck was drafted 1st overall. He and Robert Griffin III, were considered the elite quarterbacks of the draft. Coming behind at the 8th overall pick is Ryan Tannehill. One can argue that Tannehill is playing better than Luck. This should no doubt be a great game on Sunday.

Who starts at QB?

Ryan Tannehill or Matt Moore?

I fully expect Tannehill being able to play on Sunday. If not, I have no problem with Matt Moore filling in.

Tannehill injured quad early against the New York Jets. Moore came in and played well as a game manager. He went 11/19 for 131 yards. His lone touchdown was to Anthony Fasano which I thought was a beautiful throw. Moore is easily the best backup, or at least one of, in the league.

I see a victory if Tannehill plays. I see a victory if Moore plays.

Where's the run game?

Yes, we've been running the ball. Just not effectively.

Reggie Bush ran 14 times against the New York Jets. He ended up with 59 yards.

Daniel Thomas came in to relieve Bush and in the red zone. Thomas ran 15 times for 42 yards.

Bush hasn't been the same since week 3 against the Jets. Is he still hampered by the injury he suffered against them?

Thomas is one more concussion away from ending his season.

Lamar Miller isn't getting any playing time.

A good run game helps the quarterback. However, the quarterbacks have made due and are playing exceptional football. I look for the run game to get going again against the Colts. More explosive plays.

Can the secondary take care of the Colts wide receivers?

Reggie Wayne is old, but he is still a dependable #1 wide receiver. Luck throws a good ball and Wayne can make the right adjustments. I think Sean Smith can handle Wayne though. Smith played pretty well against A.J. Green and Larry Fitzgerald.

Donnie Avery is the teams 2nd leading receiver. A speedster who is on his third team, Avery is very inconsistent. He may make a play or two though against Nolan Carroll.

Rookie T.Y. Hitlon is also a speedster. But I see no trouble in shutting him down.

Reshad Jones, Chris Clemons, and Jimmy Wilson have really been opening some eyes. Clemons isn't dropping interceptions, Jones is just solid all around, and Wilson is improving every game it seems.

Who needs to step up this game?

Who do I think needs to step up?

Charles Clay.

The guy has been a major disappointment. I thought this would be a breakout year for him. He showed some flashes in the preseason, but he has been terrible through the season.

I don't know what the problem is. Does Tannehill not trust him? Is Clay not getting open?

Another tight end MUST step up. We drafted Michael Egnew who has been a bust thus far. Clay NEEDS to step up his game.

What are you watching for on Sunday?

Of course, we want to hear what you are looking for on Sunday. Feel free to discuss below.