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Sunday Morning Miami Dolphins/Phinsider Poll:Biggest Problem With The Team Edition

Sunday Morning Miami Dolphins/Phinsider Poll:Biggest Problem With The Team Edition

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In last weeks post with poll I asked if we should resign Jake Long following this season or let him go in free agency. The leading answer with 41% (84 votes) was for us to resign him following this season so long as we get the home town discount. The second most popular choice with 23% (47 votes) was to franchise tag him with the hopes that someone either signs him giving us two first round picks (which seems very unlikely given his performance this season) or in the hopes that we work a trade for him with another team. 13% (28 votes) were in favor of extending him right now but also based on getting a home town discount.

The rest of the voting went as follows- 8% (17 votes) said to not resign him at all as he is breaking down and not what he once was. 7% (15 votes) said to let him go at the end of the season no matter what as he will still impact the cap too much even with a "home town discount". 3% (7 votes) said to resign him following the season no matter what it took. Finally 2% (5 votes) said to extend him now no matter what it takes.

For this week we look at the broader picture. Most of us got our hopes up early in the season with some better then expected play from the team and our rookie QB. Following the beat down of the NY Jets many fans seemed to believe that we were headed for bigger and better things even perhaps this season. Of course following three straight losses including a blowout/beat-down loss at home against a very poor Titans team we have come back down to earth. This team obviously has a ways to go and some thing's that need to be changed. Of course as always around here we can never seem to agree on what that is that needs changing.

So my question this week is what is the biggest problem or more specifically what do we need to change to get things going in the right direction with this team? I will not add the option of getting rid of Stephen Ross. I know that certain fans do not like him but we also have to face the fact that he is our owner and all we can hope for is that the choices he makes on down the line are the correct ones as he is obviously not going anywhere.

In your opinion, what needs to be changed with this team before we take the next step? (choose up to 4 options)