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SB Nation Asking for Feedback

It's been about two months since SB Nation United went live on The Phinsider, and all around the SB Nation network. While the new layout has brought with it a lot of improvements and capabilities, that does not mean it's not without its limitations and bugs. But, what exactly would you like to see?

We are about two months into the new evolution of SB Nation and The Phinsider, SB Nation United. While the site is incredible with some of the capabilities it brings to us, it also has caused frustrations among some of you, our readers. Don't think we are not listening to your ideas and criticisms.

Behind the scenes, we are constantly discussing the comments you guys are leaving, and things we think could improve your experience with the site. Which brings us to this thread.

What do you want to see improved on the site? What do you miss from the old version of the site?

Anything and everything can be discussed. This thread, once it has some comments, will be forwarded to SB Nation, so they have a direct look at what you are saying.

But, there's one rule - you have to be specific. Don't tell us that the site sucks. Tell us what sucks. Tell us what you like. Tell us what we could tweak.