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Dolphins Lose Behind Offensive Line Full of Holes

The Miami Dolphins lost to the Buffalo Bills last night, in a game where Ryan Tannehill was having to scramble seemingly every pass, while the running game could not find a hole through which to run. Simply put, the offensive line did nothing to help the offense on the night.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Miami Dolphins are on a three game losing streak after a loss to the Buffalo Bills last night. It has been pretty ugly all around for the team once in contention for the AFC East division lead. No unit on the team has been uglier than the offensive line as of late.

The Miami offensive line has routinely been beaten over the last three games. From left tackle Jake Long to right tackle Jonathan Martin, the only player who has had any success lately has been center Mike Pouncey. The offensive line is allowing too many quarterback hurries and quarterback hits, not to mention sacks. Rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill is running away from pressure almost as many times as he is passing the ball, and it's not going to lead to any sort of success or rhythm for Miami.

The Bills sacked Tannehill three times last night, including one from Mario Williams, who has been nearly invisible all season for Buffalo. Williams had his best game of the season, abusing Martin for most of the game.

It's no different when the Dolphins try to run the ball. Early this season, Reggie Bush was dominating teams, and was among the league leaders in rushing yards. Last night, the Dolphins totaled 60 yards of rushing. Bush and Daniel Thomas simply cannot find holes to hit. Bush averaged 2.0 yards per carry last night, with Thomas doing a little better at 2.8 yards per carry. That's not acceptable.

The offensive line is not the only problem for the Dolphins this season. This really is a team trying to learn a new system under a rookie head coach, starting a rookie quarterback, and missing some offensive skill pieces still, but at this point, even if the team had not traded away Brandon Marshall, it would not make a big enough difference. The offensive line would still be an issue, and would still cause a problem.

Until this line figures out what their problems are, and how to fix them, Miami's offense will struggle.

Perhaps this mini-bye week, thanks to playing a Thursday night game, will give the team enough time to fix it.