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Sunday Night Game Thread Houston At Chicago

Sunday Night Game Thread Houston At Chicago


Tonight matches two 7 and 1 teams against one another, the Houston Texans and the Chicago Bears. Both teams have ridden solid defenses and balanced offenses to the top records (or a tie for top record now that the Falcons have lost) in their respective conferences at their half way marks. The Bears have what appears to be the best defense in the NFL at this point but they are also facing a real challenge in the Texans as only one of their seven victories has come against a winning team this year.

Both team's have high hopes of making it to the final game this February in New Orleans. This game will go a long way to telling us which of these teams is ready to head in to the second half of the season with a head of steam but then again perhaps this is just a preview of a rematch in the up coming Super Bowl.


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