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Post Game Thread:Four Turnovers Doom Dolphins Against The Titans

A poor all around game including four turnovers by the Miami Dolphins offense doomed them in a 37 to 3 loss to the Tennessee Titans.

Marc Serota

I don't have much to say about this game overall. It seemed to be a failure on all sides of the ball by the Miami Dolphins today. The Tennessee Titans seemed to take the warning's that were issued earlier in the week by their owner to heart and to that end were the only team of the two to play with any.

Tannehill had 217 yards on 23 completions but also threw for three picks on the day including a pick sick. Starting running back Reggie Bush also had a fumble deep in to the Miami side of the field that directly led to a Titans touchdown. When it mattered Miami could not manage to move the ball and the Titans made them pay for their mistakes on nearly every turnover.

Two other notes on the day-Miami had not given up a 100 yard rushing performance to any rusher in the previous 22 games until today. Chris Johnson ran for 126 yards on 23 carries for a 5.5 yard average. This also marks the most lop sided home loss for the Dolphins since 1968. Ouch!