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Sunday Morning Miami Dolphins/Phinsider Poll:Jake Long Edition

Sunday Morning Miami Dolphins/Phinsider Poll:Jake Long Edition

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

In last week's poll I posed the question "Do you think in Joe Philbin, the Miami Dolphins have finally found their long term answer at head coach?" Of course I based the question on what we have seen thus far and compared to the previous season that that same point, despite some very disappointing bumps along the way, in which we have seen a drastic improvement. Of course given that at that point last season we were 0-7 that was not exactly a high bar to reach. A resounding 80% (267 votes) answered "Yes, we finally have the head coach that we have been looking for since Shula retired.". I expected that to be the leading answer but not at that high a rate. Interesting! The next highest selected answer with 16% (54 votes) was "I am not sold on Joe yet but I see some positive signs.". Still fairly positive for our fan base.

Only 3% (11 votes) selected "I am still very pessimistic as we saw this sort of turn around once before under Tony and crew only to be left disappointed in the long run.". Fairly low number given the negativity that we have seen around these parts in recent years. Surprisingly the option of "No this guy is no the guy and in a year or two we will be looking for a new head coach yet again." received exactly zero votes! Given that after the first game of the year following a loss (never mind that it was against a team that many had in the Superbowl this following Feb. and starting a rookie at QB.....) there were more then just a couple of comment's stating that Joe was not the guy and we were once again just spinning our wheels. Perhaps those folks just do not like voting in polls. And lastly the "I'm a troll" option as usual got at least one vote. Wonder who that guy is. At least he is very consistent.

So on to this weeks question. Once again it's a simple one. Given the very up with many down's kinda year that our very own Jake Long is having do you think that we should resign him? I have seen different schools of thought thrown around on this issue and everyone sort of states them like they are gospel but in reality, like with most of these things we are all just guessing and someone is going to be the one with the lucky guess that can come back with the "I told you so!". Um yeah........ Any way one of the ideas is that given his up and down play that started last year will lower his price on the open market and make him more affordable for us to sign and thus we should do so. Others throw out the idea that he is still going to get at least if not more then what he makes now which is too rich for some of our blood and others say he is still worth it. Then there is the idea, and I am starting to wonder this as well, that he is starting to break down. If that is the case then I guess the argument to keep him at whatever price he brings would be foolish but since we do not see him day in and day out we know less about what is happening then the coaches so I will of course assume (and hope real damn hard) that at the end of the day the make the correct choice.

So what do you think? Should we resign Jake Long now or following this season or let him go in free agency?