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College Football Live Thread

This morning, we took a look at where the Miami Dolphins College Scouts were heading today. Now, it's time for all of us to work as scouts as well. What games are you watching today? What college prospect do you want to see on the Dolphins next year? Join us below to discuss today's college football action.

Ronald Martinez

The college football schedule is back in full swing, so our weekly college football live thread is back as well. Join us to talk about whichever game you are watching. Let us know what player catches your eye. Who do you want to see on the Dolphins next year?

Use this thread to keep up with all the action across all the games, and to let us know what we should be watching.

As usual, keep pictures to a minimum, and appropriate, in a live thread. I will remove pictures that are inappropriate and they can lead to warnings and/or bannings.

Do not request or post links to illegal internet streams of the game (instant temporary ban if you do).

Enjoy the game!