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Miami Dolphins College Football Scouts Tracker

College Football Saturday is back, meaning the Miami Dolphins have their scouts out looking for the next draft prospect. Here's a look at the confirmed location of Dolphins scouts this weekend.

Jonathan Daniel

The NFL season is half over, and the needs for the Dolphins, and all 32 teams, are clearly coming into view. While the league prepares for their next round of games tomorrow, the players that could fill those needs take the field today. Of course, if there are college football players on the field, there are NFL scouts in the stands to watch them.

Chris Steuber, a former draft analyst for various media services, tracks scouts from all over the NFL, and publishes where they are headed each week. As he points out on his website, his list is not all inclusive. An NFL team that he gets a report about could have scouts elsewhere, and a game that he lists could have scouts from another team in attendance as well.

Here are the games Steuber is tracking the Dolphins are scouting this week: