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Thursday Night Football Live Thread Chief's At The Chargers

Thursday Night Football Live Thread Chief's At The Chargers

Harry How

Tonight's game pits the hapless Kansas City Chiefs at 1 and 6 against the now suddenly hapless San Diego Chargers at 3 and 4. The Chargers are coming off of a three game loosing streak that included the laughable score of 6 to 7 in last weeks loss to the pitiful Cleveland Browns (ouch, that had to hurt). The Chargers seem to as always be playing for the job of head coach Norv Turner who might be a great offensive coordinator but a horrible head coach that is maybe just slightly a tick better then Tony Sparano in that position (once again ouch). Chargers head coach Romeo Crennel (never name your child Romeo unless you want to see them picked on as a child and possibly as an adult) is likewise probably looking over his shoulder as of course no fan base or owner is happy when you only win one game out of seven possible chances. Chargers QB Philip Rivers is having a sub par season completing 62.3 percent of his passes while throwing 9 INT's to only 6 TD's. Rivers was reportedly overheard saying earlier in the week that maybe he could beat a team that was more "sucky" then his own. Ok, he did not really say that but given his past of spouting off classless comments about his upcoming or past opponent it's probably something that he wishes he had said. Chefs Chiefs QB Matt Cassel has never been the same QB since leaving the New England system that made him look like he was actually good. He is of course coming back to replace the injured Brady Quinn who's dad once made the declaration that Dolphins would regret not drafting his son. Yeah I don't know what we would have done without another sub par run of the mill back up QB on our team after we have been looking at them for the last 10 years.