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Phinsider NFL Midseason Awards

The NFL has reached its midway point. Here's a look at the top performers in the league, as picked by our authors.

Jeff Gross

Amazingly, the NFL season has already reached its halfway mark. All around the league there have been great performances, surprises, and disappointments. I asked the contributors to share their winners of several midseason awards for both the league and the Miami Dolphins. Right now, we will take a look at the NFL awards. Later today, we will turn to the Dolphins themselves.


Kevin Nogle James McKinney KDog92 BSerious72
J.J. Watt Matt Ryan Tom Brady Matt Ryan

"Let's face it, if the season continues like this, Matt Ryan is going to win this award, but J.J. Watt is putting up incredible numbers and has an argument for the league MVP. He leads the league in sacks (9.5) and is in the top ten in pass defelections - and he's a lineman. No defensive player has won the MVP since 1986, but Watt could end that streak - if Matt Ryan stumbles down the stretch." - Kevin Nogle

"Ryan's playing at the highest level of his career and carries both the third highest rating in the NFL for any QB and the best record of any QB in the NFL." - James McKinney

"Got to give it to the only QB who has commanded his team to a perfect record." - BSerious72

NFL Offensive Player of the Year:

Kevin Nogle James McKinney KDog92 BSerious72
Matt Ryan Matt Ryan Matt Ryan Aaron Rodgers

"If he somehow isn't the MVP, Ryan wins this award. Eli Manning is in the running here, and I would watch Peyton Manning as well. By the end of the season, the elder Manning will probably be an MVP and Offensive Player of the Year candidate." - Kevin Nogle

"The same reason he's the MVP gives Ryan this award. He barely edges out Manning and Peterson." - James McKinney

"Rodgers took a bit to get his team in motion- it didn't help that his defense was awful, his running game was nonexistent, and his receiving core has been cycling all year. Now Rodgers is looking just where he left off, like the best player in football." - BSerious72

NFL Defensive Player of the Year:

Kevin Nogle James McKinney KDog92 BSerious72
Clay Matthews J.J. Watt J.J. Watt J.J. Watt

"I gave Watt the MVP award, so Clay Matthews will fall into this spot. Most likely can't break the voters' love for quarterbacks, and has to settle for this award." - Kevin Nogle

"His nick name should be JJ Swat for all the balls he knocks down when he is not knocking down the QB. Most destructive force in the NFL right now." - James McKinney

"Ryan Tannehill took alot of beef from critics from getting terrorized by J.J. in week 1, but as the year is going on, 'J.J. Swat' is providing TERROR to every QB by getting interceptions, tackles for loss, sacks and more blocks per game then Serge Ibaka." - BSerious72

NFL Coach of the Year:

Kevin Nogle James McKinney KDog92 BSerious72
Gary Kubiak Joe Philbin John Fox Chuck Pagano

"I'm sticking with my preseason pick here, with the Houston Texans' Gary Kubiak coming away with this award. This might be a two year award, since Kubiak getting the Texans to their first playoff appearance ever last year did not win him the award, but he is deserving. Runner up at this point, I think, is Joe Philbin, who has the Dolphins surprising teams, and the media, every single week." - Kevin Nogle

"Philbin took a team that no one thought could do anything, including many of the teams own fans, combined with a QB that no one said should start for at least a year and turned the once struggling, no direction Dolphins in to a sudden threat to make the playoffs and a team that no one can discount any longer." - James McKinney

"This may be more out of respect than anything, yet his Colts team led by Andrew Luck, has gone from the NFL worst to a playoff contender, all while he battles leukemia. I wish Coach Pagano the best, and a big props goes out to the entire Indy #Chuckstrong movement, as long as it's after Sunday." - BSerious72

NFL Comeback Player of the Year:

Kevin Nogle James McKinney KDog92 BSerious72
Peyton Manning Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson Adrian Peterson Peyton Manning

"Adrian Peterson has a valid argument for this position, coming back to lead the league in rushing at this point, but Peyton Manning is having a season that could put him in the MVP race. That gives the edge to Manning." - Kevin Nogle

"Manning because he came back from an injury that many said should have driven him in to retirement to lead the NFL in QB rating at the halfway mark. Peterson because he returns after having his knee rebuilt to lead the league in rushing at the half way mark and for carrying an otherwise questionable Vikings team. Also because I am friends with his uncle." - James McKinney

"Is there even another option!? Peyton didn't play one down last year and now he's arguably the MVP of the entire league. This is why he remains one of the best to play the game." - BSerious72

NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year:

Kevin Nogle James McKinney KDog92 BSerious72
Robert Griffin III Robert Griffin III Robert Griffin III Robert Griffin III

"I really want to be a homer and put Ryan Tannehill in at this point, but RG3 is just that good this year. In fact, he may have the end of year award already wrapped up." - Kevin Nogle

"No explanation needed here." - James McKinney

"This is one of the better rookie classes I can ever remember, ESPECIALLY at the QB position. As impressive as our own Ryan Tannehill has been, and as strong as a case you could make for players like Wilson, Morris, Jones, Luck... RGIII is truly in a class of his own at this point. I can't say I didn't see this one coming." - BSerious72

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year:

Kevin Nogle James McKinney KDog92 BSerious72
Casey Hayward Chandler Jones Harrison Smith Chandler Jones

"Hayward is third in the league in interceptions this season, despite being a rookie. He's solidified the Green Bay secondary, even with safety Charles Woodson missing time due to injury." - Kevin Nogle

"Jones is on a hell of a pace for sacks for a rookie." - James McKinney

"It's hard to come in at a DE as a rookie and contribute from the start but Jones has been a monster for the Patriots, who desperately needed him to step up to bolster their defensive line. If Olivier Vernon continues the same play he has the last two weeks though, this award could stay here in Miami." - BSerious72

NFL Surprise of the Year:

Kevin Nogle James McKinney KDog92 BSerious72
Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins Seattle Seahawks Defense Miami Dolphins

"Before the season, I advocated for the Dolphins being better than everyone thought they would be. Halfway through the season, they seem to be the shock of the year among 'experts.' I'm okay with the Dolphins being a surprise." - Kevin Nogle

"No one gave the Dolphins a shot in hell to be even competitive this season and yet hold they 5th seed half way through the season." - James McKinney

"Maybe a bit homer pick here, but alot of people predicted the Colts to vastly improve behind number 1 pick Andrew Luck. In Hard Knocks, people were expecting a new head coach, behind a rookie QB who was a "reach" and who fell into the starting position in the preseason. Not to mention the league's worst receivers and a razor thin secondary who just traded their best player. Miami is now controlling their own playoff destiny and Ryan Tannehill is looking like one of the top QB's in the entire AFC. They are 6-1 if not for two missed field goals, and Joe Philbin would be leading candidate for coach of the year so far." - BSerious72

NFL Disappointment of the Year

Kevin Nogle James McKinney KDog92 BSerious72
New York Jets/Tim Tebow Cam Newton Cam Newton New Orleans Saints

"I'm torn between Cam Newton and Tim Tebow here. I'm going with Tebow because of all the talk about how many amazing ways the Jets were going to use him. The Jets, with Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano, were going to get Tebow involved in the offense and shock the league with the different plays and looks he would give them - and instead he's being used as the punt protector and a fullback. Not exactly setting anything on fire, there, Rex." - Kevin Nogle

"After a promising rookie campaign that saw Newton, shine he seems to be more on the path of a Vince Young then a long term answer for the Panthers at QB." - James McKinney

"No, I didn't think they would repeat similar success as last year, and I still thought they would be on the outside looking in come playoff time... but 2 wins so far? In fact, the 1-6 Chiefs, who are currently last in almost every power rankings, got their lone win this year against the Saints." - BSerious72