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Perfection Post 1.4: BOOM!

The Perfection Post 1.4: BOOM! Recap of Miami 30, NYJ 9, and preview for Week 9 match-up with the Indianapolis Colts



Issue 1.4

Miami Dolphins (4-3; 2nd in AFC East)

The New York Jets got their asses handed to them on a platter by the Miami Dolphins in their house.

What else needs to be said!?

I know how you feel. Still. I feel the same way. For the last few months this game loomed on the schedule as a make or break game for the Dolphins. Can we have a statement win against the division rival Jets and shut them up. At the same time can we show the public that the Dolphins are for real?

30-9 IN New York. A complete and absolute BEATDOWN. There is NOTHING better in life than the Dolphins embarrassing the Jets, period.


The Perfection Post, everyone...


Dolphins vs Jets coverage

Dolphins vs Jets boxscore


All in favor of proposing THIS to be our new logo, say "I"

Key Numbers:

0- Number of interceptions thrown in Miami's 4 victories.

1- Miami's rank in third down defense in the entire NFL. Pete Prisco gives the credit for this to Randy Starks and Paul Soliai.

3- Consecutive Games a defensive back has led the team in tackles (Smith vs. CIN, Clemons vs. STL & NYJ)

12.1- QBR Rating for Mark Sanchez.

67.6- QBR Rating for Matt Moore.

100%- Amount that the Jets Suck




The look on the little girl's face represents how the Jets felt of the Dolphins on Sunday.



This week's episode of Dolphin Love:

*- Paul Soliai- Soliai continues to maul interior linemen, create double teams, and scare running backs. His re-signing is looking better and better every week.

**- ST Coach Darren Rizzi- Since Rizzi has taken over the Dolphins are finding more and more ways to make plays. It's not often the special teams coach gets any love, so it's about time we started showing him some.

***- Matt Moore- Coming off the bench cold against the division rival Jets on a cold rainy day IN New York? No problem. To be fair I think I could have outperformed Mark Sanchez, but credit to Moore in a big way. It's games like that where a dependable backup QB is HUGE, especially in a team like Miami trying to make a playoff push.

****- Miami Secondary ( Chris Clemons, Nolan Carroll and Jimmy Wilson)- It's hard to single out any of these guys. Clemons has been an absolute beast lately and led the team in tackles. Carroll gets my vote for being most improved player this year... Coyle is using his quickness nicely in blitz packages. Wilson may be my favorite player; love his energy and versatility and he is starting to become a major piece of this defense.

*****- Olivier Vernon- Olivier Vernon scored his first TD on Sunday and celebrated by going "Gangnam Style". His play earned him AFC Special Teams Player of the Week honors.

Huffington Post "Miami demolished New York in all phases- Offense, defense, special teams and celebrations"


Projected Trophies for Week 9-

Current vote for OROY-

Robert Griffin III, WAS

Current vote for DROY-

Chandler Jones, NE

Coach of the Year-

Chuck Pagano, IND

League MVP-

Matt Ryan, ATL

Defensive MVP-

J.J. Watt, HOU

Miami MVP-

Cameron Wake


No trivia this week as I attempt to switch it up... Instead I'll leave you with a great image for a caption contest.

Best caption with the most REC's wins 10 points! Rec your favorite below.


"Hey Tebow, be honest... What do you think about Sanchez' ing?"

Current trivia Standings-

25- NawlinsPhinFan

10- Kevin Nogle


Who would have thought that an Indianapolis v Miami week 9 match-up would showcase two 4-3 teams seriously contending for playoff implications???

Like Miami, the Colts are led by a rookie quarterback who has managed games wonderfully by playing smart solid football and limiting mistakes. As of now, Tannehill is supposed to be at a 50/50 game time decision to start as he continues to nurse his bruised leg. Though I have no reservations about having Moore face a Indy defense, I'm pretty sure EVERYONE in the NFL wants to see a Luck v. Tannehill matchup. If only Vontae Davis was playing, that would spice things up even more. Apparently he's injured, but I think he's scared :)


Sunday should be a great game. I think overall Miami has the better team, but Indy is playing well and we do have to travel to their house. Miami hasn't won back to back road games in forever. In fact, if you tell me the last time it happened correctly I'll award you 5 PP points (that sounded a bit suspect, but I assure you, I am NOT a registered sex offender... well, atleast yet).

A win over the Colts would be fantastic and would put us right in the middle of the AFC playoff picture. I am seriously PUMPED for Sunday.