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Miami Dolphins Quarterback Ryan Tannehill Appears on Injury Report

The Miami Dolphins had been getting healthy throughout the week as Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals approaches. However, today, rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill has appeared on the injury report for the first time with a thumb injury.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins will play the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday in NFL Week 5 action. While both teams have been battling injuries this year, the Dolphins appeared to be getting healthy as the game got closer. However, rookie starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill has suddenly appeared on the Dolphins' injury report today with a thumb injury.

It's not known when or how Tannehill injured his thumb, but his appearance on the injury report today is a surprise. Following a 431 passing yard performance, Tannehill is clearly starting to take control of the Miami offense, and is poised to breakout out.

Tannehill is officially listed as "probable" for Sunday's game, but the simple fact that he is even listed on the injury report is bothersome. Given that the injured thumb is on his throwing hand makes it even more worrisome for Miami fans.

Tannehill will most likely start this week, and the thumb injury may have no bearing on his play at all - but that doesn't change the fact that he is on the injury report today.