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Phinsider NFL Week 5 Picks

The fifth week of the NFL season is preparing to start. Here are our weekly picks.

Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images

Another week in the NFL season is getting ready to kick off, with the Arizona Cardinals at the St. Louis Rams. With that game just a few hours away, it's time for the Phinsider group to make our winner picks for Week 5.

After a miserable Week 3, in which Texascowpunk won the week with a 7&9 record, everyone bounced back in Week 4. Kdog destroyed the week, going 15&1, with Texascowpunk coming in with an 11&4 record, and SB Nation's Joel Thorman, BSerious72, and myself all had a 10&5 record.

With his incredible week, Kdog92 has moved into the overall lead as well, with a 36&27 record. Texascowpunk and SB Nation are both tho games back.

Now, this week's picks.

SB Nation's Joel Thorman's picks have not been published yet. They will be added as soon as possible.

SB Nation Kevin Texascowpunk Kdog92 BSerious72

Last Week 10&5 10&5 11&4 14&1 10&5
Overall 34&29 31&32 34&29 36&27 31&32
Cardinals at Rams Stl_logo_away_medium Ari_logo_away_medium Stl_logo_away_medium Ari_logo_away_medium Stl_logo_away_medium
Eagles at Steelers Pit_logo_medium Phi_logo_away_medium Phi_logo_away_medium Pit_logo_medium
Packers at Colts Gb_logo_medium Gb_logo_medium Gb_logo_medium Gb_logo_medium Gb_logo_medium
Browns at Giants Nyg_logo_medium Nyg_logo_medium Nyg_logo_medium Nyg_logo_medium Nyg_logo_medium
Falcons at Redskins Atl_logo_away_medium Atl_logo_away_medium Atl_logo_away_medium Atl_logo_away_medium Was_logo_away_medium
Dolphins at Bengals Cin_logo_medium
Mia_logo_away_medium Mia_logo_away_medium Mia_logo_away_medium Mia_logo_away_medium
Ravens at Chiefs Bal_logo_medium Bal_logo_medium
Bal_logo_medium Bal_logo_medium Bal_logo_medium
Seahawks at Panthers Car_logo_away_2_medium Car_logo_away_2_medium Car_logo_away_2_medium
Car_logo_away_2_medium Car_logo_away_2_medium
Bears at Jaguars Chi_logo_medium Chi_logo_medium Chi_logo_medium Chi_logo_medium Chi_logo_medium
Broncos at Patriots Den_logo_away_medium Den_logo_away_medium Den_logo_away_medium Den_logo_away_medium Ne_logo_away_2_medium
Bills at 49ers Sf_logo_medium Sf_logo_medium Sf_logo_medium Sf_logo_medium Sf_logo_medium
Titans at Vikings Min_logo_away_medium Min_logo_away_medium Min_logo_away_medium Min_logo_away_medium Min_logo_away_medium
Chargers at Saints Sd_logo_away_medium Sd_logo_away_medium Sd_logo_away_medium Sd_logo_away_medium No_logo_medium
Texans at Jets Hou_logo_away_medium Hou_logo_away_medium Hou_logo_away_medium Hou_logo_away_medium Hou_logo_away_medium

Bye Week: Cowboys, Lions, Raiders, Buccaneers